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The compact Esus product provides high quality amplified beam up to 500W for a wide range of input seed power, in continuous or pulsed regime.
The standard version equipped with an optically pre-set 190W pump laser diode and TARANIS reference YBYG-PL0001-W2N (40mm long Single Crystal Fiber).
On request, Fibercryst supplies several versions with various pump power and other TARANIS references.

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• Product Reference: GT00-PL0001-190
• Damage Threshold : 10J/cm² at 1ns pulse duration
• Beam Height (Input & Output): 94.8mm
• Achievable Ellipticity: > 0.95
• Operating Current : 15A
• Operating Voltage: 30V
• Pump power : 190W



•  Regime: Continuous or pulsed
•  Wavelength: 1030 ± 2nm
•  Power: from 100mW to 500 W

Output (typical)

Mechanical DATA