Laser Series

Rhapsody Laser series is a range of powerful industrial femtosecond lasers offering output power up to 100W IR and pulse energies in excess of 500µJ, with pulses shorter than 500 fs.

A 200W IR version is in preparation, delivering a pulse energy of 500µJ at 400 kHz for a pulse duration shorter than 500fs.

On request, FC supplies Green and UV versions, as well as IR versions with pulses shorter than 100 fs.

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• Pulse width less than 500 fs
• Output Repetition Rate : Single Shot to 2 Mhz
• Excellent beam quality M2<13
• Peak energy up to 500 μJ
• Fast warm up (30 minutes max)
• Power stability <2% RMS (120 hours)
• Position Synchronized Output (PSO) Friendly
• BURST Mose Friendly



Rhapsody 4015 Rhapsody 4017 Rhapsody 4019 Rhapsody 4020
Average Power 30W 50W 80W 100W
Repetition Rate form 50 kHz to 2 MHz
Pulse Energy* 150µJ 250µJ 400µJ 500µJ
Average Power Stability <2%
Center wavelength 1030 nm ± 2
PER > 20 dB
Polarization direction vertical
Pulse duration <500 fs
Beam diameter** 2 mm
Beam divergence 2 mrad
Beam Ellipticity ≥0.9
Beam Quality (X/Y) M² ≤ 1.3
Warm-up time < 30min
Dimensions***(l x L x h) 645 X 480 x 220 mm
Weight**** 76 kg


* Pulse Energy @200kHz
** Other diameters on request
*** Dimensions of Laser Head. Does not include PSU dimensions PSU dimensions : 560 x 430 x 134 mm
**** Weight of Laser Head. Does not include PSU weight. PSU weight : 9 kg

Mechanical data