Gain Taranis


Speed-up your TARANIS-based product design-in’s!

Gain TARANIS Series is a range of semi-integrated amplifiers which gives the end-user seamless access to Single Crystal Fiber (SCF) amplifier technology pioneered by Fibercryst.

Equipped with an optically pre-set 190W pump laser diode, the compact Gain TARANIS device provides high quality amplified beam for an incoming seed laser from 100mW to 500W, in continuous or pulsed regime.

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Gain Taranis Specsheet


Gain Taranis Signal Input
Reference GT00-PL0001-190
Regime Continuous or pulsed
Typical Efficiency 40 %
Beam Height 92.3 mm (TBC)
Threshold Damage 10 J/cm² at 1ns pulse duration
Pump Power 190 W
Operating Current 15 A
Operating Voltage 30 V
Dimension (lxLxh) 186 x 220 x 110 mm
Wavelength 1030 +/-2 nm
Power from 100 mW to 500 W *
Beam Diameter 400 µm +/-5 % **

* Beyond on request
** at Taranis entrance


Cooling : Water-cooled system
Water cooling should be operated under 5 bars of pressure and between 3 to 4L/min at 20°C

Typical Optical Performances

Relative Efficiency:

Taranis : Yb:YAG – 1 % – 40 mm
Pump : 969 nm- 110 W – 100 µm